Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 

Keepin' the faith with the music, the faces and the memories. Did you dance at the sock hops in the high school gym? Or at the Aetna Firehall, the Deer Park, maybe the Stone Balloon in Newark? How about the Mendenhall Inn, Talley Ho, or Claymont and Elsmere Firehalls in Wilmington? Then you heard it, you saw them . . . the music, the musicians, and musical influences of Rock & Roll in Delaware. You were there! The music, pictures and memories are here. Let's enjoy their work again. Heck, we're not getting any younger. Maybe eventually there can be a museum. Not for us, but for Rock & Roll in Delaware.

The Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a work in progress. As we learn more, this site will be revised and augmented. We've only just begun!

Board of Directors

George Wolkind, President

Steven Leech, Vice President and Historian                   Paula Wolkind, Vice President

Shaun Mullen

Larry Williams

Michael Schwartz

​​Tim Cleary, Treasurer